12000 + 12000 + 12000 + 18000 Btus Quad zone Split Air Conditioner - Wall Mounts

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Choose your combination from the tabs below. Several Brands - Wall Mount Units. These are brand new units, with warranty. Several Features: DC Inverter - Energy Star - Hyper Heat - Low Ambient - Wifi Controls.

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YMGI Quad-Zone WMMS48CHV2B59 WMMS12EWV2...

Sale Price: $3,588.00

Brand: YMGI

Type: Cool & Heat

BTU: 4 Ton 48,00..

Gree Quad Zone MULTI42HP230V1BO VIR09HP...

Sale Price: $3,569.99

Brand: GREE

Type: Cool & Heat

BTU: 3.5 Ton 42,..

Most Popular

Most Popular Best Rated Brands
Mitsubishi Quad Zone MXZ8C48NA MSZGL12N...

Sale Price: $8,076.00

Brand: Mitsubishi

Type: Cool & Heat

BTU: 4 Ton 48,00..

Mitsubishi Quad Zone MXZ8C48NA-U1 MSZGL...

Sale Price: $8,116.00

Brand: Mitsubishi


BTU: 4 TON 48,00..


Sale Price: $4,419.99

Brand: LG

Type : COOL & HEAT

BTU: 4.3 Ton 54,..

For Colder Temps

For Colder Temps Heats Below Zero
Mitsubishi MXZ8C48NAHZ MSZFH09NA MSZFH1...

Sale Price: $7,598.98

Brand: Mitsubishi

: N/A

: N/A

Misc. Brands

Misc. Brands Other Options
12k + 12k + 12k + 18k ComfortStar Wall ...

Call For Price

Brand: ComfortStar

Accessories: Remote Cont..

Type: Quad Zone

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